Why should you prevent your cannabis plants from spiking?

Written by on 2 May, 2021

Ensuring that your cannabis plants grow healthy and smoothly is not an easy task as there are many challenges that may arise along the way, however, it is not impossible.

One of those problems that can happen in your plantation is that your cannabis flowers spike, that is to say that there is an accelerated growth of the stems of your plants, almost uncontrollable, but why should you avoid spiking?

Well, read on and look at this post, here we will clarify your doubts.

Reasons to avoid cannabis flower spiking

One of the reasons why cannabis growers prefer to avoid spiking at all costs is precisely because this phenomenon can affect the outcome of your harvests because the plants end up being too long, poor and with weaker stems.

Indoors, if the plants stretch more than planned, it can cause serious problems, because remember that in this type of plantation there is usually very little space. Your cannabis flowers can end up very close to the lights, which can cause burns on the tips due to excess heat.

Outdoors, the size of the plant is generally not a cause for concern, however if the stems of your girls are weak, it can be a setback in strong winds or the weight of the buds.


The reasons why your cannabis plants stretch more than desired can be many, one of the most common reasons is when your girls don’t get enough light. To avoid this problem indoors, it is recommended to place the lamps at the right distance.

Keep in mind that due to genetics some cannabis flowers tend to stretch more than others do, for example sativas tend to experience a high growth in flowering that can even reach up to 2 meters in height, however keep in mind that to some extent this growth is not harmful.

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