Why should you make your own compost to grow cannabis?

Written by on 7 December, 2021

To ensure a successful cannabis harvest, a very important aspect is to have adequate soil.

Precisely the soil is the medium where your flowers extract nutrients to grow, however, with the passage of time those nutrients can become depleted, but don’t be distressed, making your own compost can be the solution.

You see, composting is a great way to put nutrients back into the soil. It is also very easy to do; you can prepare a high quality compost with food scraps or from your garden.

Read on, in the post we’ll tell you about some reasons why you should make your own compost in your Mary Jane growing.

Reasons to make your own compost

As you may have noticed, compost is the result of breaking down organic matter, that is, waste or organic matter is recycled and transformed into food for the soil and plants.

Making your own compost at home is ideal for your cannabis growing because in addition to being a natural fertilizer it improves soil structure.

By recycling food and garden waste, you will also be helping to take care of the environment.

Composting allows you to save money; it also introduces beneficial microorganisms into the soil and increases the soil’s moisture retention capacity.

In addition, as we mentioned, compost brings many nutrients to the soil, which are necessary for the growth of your marijuana plants.



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