Why should you grow mother plants?

Written by on 6 August, 2021

A mother plant is a marijuana flower that is grown specifically to be cloned. It remains in a vegetative state, so it never passes to the flowering stage.

There are many reasons; Why you should grow cannabis mother plants? If you do not know what they are, we invite you to review them in this article.

Why grow mother plants?

Mother plants are a real investment. From these plants, you can enjoy the many benefits of having cuttings.

You see, each cutting or clone cut from the mother plants is an exact genetic copy of the same one; therefore, you can be more sure to get the results you expect in the harvest.

Keep in mind that cuttings cut from a female plant will develop female plants, so you won’t have to worry about the appearance of male plants. Wonderful!

On that note, if you find a cannabis flower you like, don’t let it go. Grow mother plants to keep enjoying your favorite strain over and over again.

Final Considerations

Keeping mother plants requires some specific care, so you’ll need to be well informed to keep them successfully. Remember that are flowers keeping in a constant vegetative period.

One of the tips for caring for these plants is to ensure adequate lighting. The light cycle that is advisable to apply is the growth cycle. Generally, an 18/6 period is used (18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness).



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