Why should you grow marijuana organically or ecologically?

Written by on 26 July, 2021

For marijuana growing to be considered organic, the nutrients and pesticides used must be of natural origin.

If you have ever thought about growing your marijuana organically or ecologically, don’t put it off any longer because this type of planting can offer you many advantages. In this article, we have included some of them.

Buds with better taste and aroma

Many growers claim that marijuana grown organically offers an intense flavor and aroma superior to cannabis grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The organic nutrients found in healthy soil or fertilized with natural products provide quality elements to make your flowers develop correctly and ensure better tasting and smelling buds.

Higher potency

Ecologically grown marijuana buds can become equally or more potent than the conventionally grown bud.

It is quite an attractive advantage for many smokers who prefer marijuana strains that offer strong effects.

You consume fewer pesticides

Growing your organic weed allows possibility of consume fewer pesticides when smoking your weed, as you will forget about using chemicals.

Also, to keep pests and plagues away from your girls, you can implement other alternatives in your plantation, such as planting associated growing to repel certain insects.

On the other hand, another advantage is that growing marijuana organically has a more positive impact on the environment.




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