Why should you grow marijuana in pots outdoors?

Written by on 16 July, 2021

Marijuana is a plant that can grow in different environments outdoors; it is usually grown directly in the ground because it offers many advantages; however, using pots outdoors also has its benefits. If you want to know what they are, we invite you to look at this article.

Why grow marijuana in outdoor pots?

One point in favor of growing marijuana in pots is that you can move your plants when necessary. For example, you will be able to relocate your flowers in case of pest attacks, heavy rains, or animals.

Another advantage of growing in pots is that it allows you to control the root development of the plant, and therefore, the size of the plant. The bigger the containers, the bigger your girls will be.

Having some control over the possible final size of the plant can be very useful if you prefer to keep your plantation hidden. On the other hand, when planting in the soil, your flowers will usually have no limits and will grow freely depending on the strain they can grow into real cannabis trees, if you want to be discreet can be a disadvantage.

With this alternative, you can control the quality of the growing medium, will be a little more sure that your pots contain just what you supply. If something goes wrong, you can transfer your Mary Jane to another with a new substrate.


The main disadvantage is that if you use the wrong pot, for example, one that is too small, your plants will not be able to grow to the size you expect.

When grown in pots outdoors, they could be seen, and so it would be easier for someone to come into your garden and take them away. Also, plants in pots are more vulnerable to wind, so they can easily tip over during heavy storms.

Also, when using containers, these plants will generally require more maintenance than those grown directly in the soil. You will need to water and fertilize the growing medium more often.

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