Why should you be interested in pruning marijuana?

Written by on 2 October, 2021

Pruning marijuana is a task that is not usually complicated. It consists of removing leaves and branches from cannabis plants in a controlled manner so that they can focus their energy on other areas.

This is a process that can bring many advantages to your marijuana growing. Keep reading this post and learn some reasons why you should be interested in performing this activity on your plantation.

Pruning Cannabis

Pruning cannabis is a simple technique for which all you need is a sharp pair of scissors and of course a little bit of time.
One of the reasons to perform this task is that pruning marijuana allows light to penetrate other areas of the plant that it was not reaching.

Pruning is usually done to remove diseased or withered parts of the plant, but also to get the most potential out of it.
Through pruning, we can direct the plant’s energy towards a specific purpose, for example, to obtain higher bud production, larger buds and we can even control the growth of the plant.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that there are different pruning techniques, one of the best known is FIM pruning and apical pruning. You must perform each method at the right time, it is generally recommended to do them in the vegetative stage.


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