Why should ventilation be used in marijuana growing?

Written by on 4 June, 2020

As you may know, there are many factors that contribute or not to the development of cannabis growing humidity, temperature, lighting, to name a few.

Planting indoors gives the grower a small advantage in controlling these aspects so essential to the growth of this plant, but you must be very careful, because each element has a fundamental role.

In this post, we are going to talk about why a ventilation system should be installed in cannabis growing.

Ventilation: a necessary element

A grower if he wants to have a healthy and prosperous harvest must pay close attention to the ventilation of the cannabis growing.

You see, the plants need to absorb CO2 for their development, in these situations fans are very helpful because they allow to distribute the air that enters at the time of the intraction, to meet this objective. Fans are indispensables to constantly renew the air.

By providing them with a source of air, this favors the movement of the plants, thus enabling them to breathe better, thus helping them to optimize their process of photosynthesis and absorption of nutrients from the soil.

In addition, in a certain way, marijuana will experience conditions similar to those of its natural state; therefore, its stems will be strengthened and resistant. In addition, with ventilation, the appearance of diseases and fungus can be prevented by allowing the relative humidity to drop, and air pockets are avoided.

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