Why should my indoor marijuana growing space be kept ventilated?

Written by on 1 May, 2022

Just as lighting, fertilization, and watering are essential for indoor marijuana growing, is good ventilation, cannabis growers often ignore this element.

If you are still not so clear about why it is necessary to have adequate ventilation in your plantation, here we tell you why.

You should know that one of the keys to success in marijuana growing indoors is precisely to have proper ventilation since a poorly ventilated room can lead to the appearance of fungi and diseases in your cannabis plants.

In addition, a proper ventilation system is necessary because this will allow heat to escape from the bulbs, better manage the climate and thus fortify the plants. Optimal ventilation will create an ideal growing environment; where your girls will grow well.

Also, your marijuana strains will need fresh air to support the process of photosynthesis and respiration. The airflow provided by the ventilation of an indoor growing will help manage the humidity level.

You need to know that the ventilation system for marijuana growing usually consists of elements like the air extractor, the air movement fan, and often an air intractor. Therefore, you will need to look for this equipment for your plantation.




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