Why should marijuana buds be manicured?

Written by on 29 September, 2022

After the cannabis harvest is finished, one of the last steps that follow is the manicuring of the buds. This process is simple to perform, and the good thing is that you will enjoy flowers worthy of a magazine cover or a coffee shop.

Not only will your buds look better, but also manicuring your cannabis will contribute to keeping your flowers free of mold, but if these arguments do not convince you, it is best to review with us some reasons why manicuring marijuana is necessary.

Manicuring cannabis. Why does it?

Manicuring cannabis consists of trimming the leaves without trichomes concentration from the buds, that is to say, to get rid of the excessive plant material from the plant.

Carrying out this process is essential because those leaves without trichomes can cause rough and less pleasant smoke. Therefore, once you manicure your flowers, the smoke your buds will produce will be much smoother, and the flavor will be purer and clearer.

Also, keep in mind that this process reduces plant matter and humidity in the drying environment.

Also, when you manicure your cannabis, this task allows you to further inspect the flowers for traces of fungus or pests.

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