Why should beginner growers grow autoflowering marijuana plants?

Written by on 9 November, 2021

Growing marijuana is not such a complicated activity, but it does require some knowledge to ensure a successful planting.

If you are a beginner in the growing world, it would be best to start with small challenges, such as planting strains that are easy to handle.

Autoflowering strains are the most advisable plants for beginners because of their ease of growing, but why else should you choose them? There are several reasons, and we tell you about them below.

Growing autoflowering plants

We’d all like to reap our harvest as soon as possible, so it’s no wonder that novice growers look for fast-flowering strains. Autoflowering plants can grow very fast, which will allow you to get your harvests sooner.

On the other hand, auto plants are characterized by being smaller than photoperiod varieties, so they are perfect if you are looking for discretion.

Also, these varieties do not take up too much space. These plants are ideal for indoor growing and even for those outdoor growing where space is limited.

Autoflowering marijuana is recommended for novice growers as well because they are not very demanding plants. These strains do not need changes in the light cycle to reach flowering because they do it automatically.

On the other hand, autoflowering marijuana strains are characterized by being strong and disease-resistant plants; thanks to their fast growth, they are less vulnerable to pests. For inexperienced growers, this is good news because sometimes it is difficult to deal with these inconveniences.



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