Why perform the Super Cropping technique on marijuana?

Written by on 23 October, 2021

Super Cropping is a high-stress training technique that can provide truly impressive cannabis harvests.

This method, although it may seem intimidating, if done correctly, even the least experienced can achieve good results.

What is Super Cropping?

Super Cropping involves carefully bending the branches to damage the internal fibers without breaking them, which allows light to reach more parts of the bud, reducing shaded areas.

Why apply this method to marijuana?

One of the reasons to use this technique in your growing is that Super Cropping promotes a more vigorous vegetative growth and a better development of the buds.

If you perform Super Cropping properly, it will not only generate larger yields but can  increase resin production and flower potency.

A great advantage of this method is that it allows you to influence the shape of the plants to maximize their productive yield, without using any special tools or skills.

Super cropping is also a method used by some growers to control plant height. Some say that this technique is especially ideal for closet growers and micro growers.


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