Why my cannabis plants grow very slowly

Written by on 13 October, 2020

As a cannabis grower, you must ensure that various factors such as lighting, temperature or watering (to name a few), are at the right levels so that the marijuana plants have the necessary elements for their development.

However, even when you think you have everything under control, there can always be some drawbacks. For this reason, you must be very vigilant.

If you begin to notice that your plants have stopped growing or are growing too slowly, you must be alert, as this could indicate that something is not working, as it should.

While it is certain, that there are many reasons for which, a plant of cannabis can slow down its growth, in an opportunity we presented/displayed three to you:

1) Use of seeds of bad quality or old

The use of old or bad quality seeds is one of the main reasons why a cannabis plant can have problems of growth. In both cases, the seed may not even be able to germinate.

To avoid negative surprises in your marijuana growing, try to choose good quality seeds in banks and recognized places. In addition, of course, choose good genetics.

2) Nutrient deficit

The lack of nutrients in the cannabis can cause that your plants grow very slowly, and of equal form, to generate other disadvantages, which can affect your culture.

Make sure your precious marijuana plants have all the nutrients they need to grow properly.

In this sense, remember to provide your plants with specific doses of nutrients according to their stage of life. Also, keep in mind that the nutritional needs of your plant may vary, depending on the type of strain and other factors.

3) Stress

The stress without any doubt can become the cause by which, your cannabis slows down its growth. This state can happen for diverse reasons and one of them is for the appearance of plagues and external agents, so, be very careful.

Final recommendations

Keep in order all the factors such as irrigation, humidity, and pH, among others, and do not neglect your growing. If you are going to grow in pots, try to use the right size.


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