Why is the period of darkness important for marijuana plants?

Written by on 16 March, 2022

Just as light is an important factor for the growth of your marijuana plants, so is darkness.

For example, photodependent strains need 12 hours of total darkness to achieve full flowering. However, this period without light is also essential to carry out other processes in the growing of your marijuana; here we mention what they are:

Seed germination

If you are growing your Mary Jane from seeds, you have to know that they need darkness to germinate. Therefore, cannabis growers recommend doing this process in a dark place. You can use various techniques to germinate your seeds; one of the easiest is the paper towel method.

Some say that complete darkness is what causes the husk to break and the taproot to emerge.

Root functioning

Roots also need darkness, if they are exposed to light, problems will arise, and this must be avoided at all costs. Remember that the roots are the base that provides water and nutrients to the rest of the plant, so you must ensure that they develop in the best conditions to fulfill their function.

Drying and storing the buds

After harvest, darkness is still an important factor, e.g. for drying and storing your stocks.

Keep in mind that light degrades the cannabinoids in the bud. It is best to keep the drying room dark, as well as the place where you will store your jars of marijuana.

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