Why is it necessary to have an intractor and an extractor fan when growing marijuana?

Written by on 5 January, 2022

When you grow your weed indoors, as a cannabis grower you will have to buy various equipment and tools to create the ideal growing environment for your plants to develop smoothly.

Although it may seem an unimportant detail, one of the equipments that you should have in your cannabis plantation is an air intractor and an air extractor, but why are they necessary? Well, here we explain it to you.

Intractor and air extraction in marijuana growing

The air in the grow room or closet must-have optimal humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels for cannabis strains to develop properly.

In this sense, having adequate ventilation is a key point in indoor growing, keep in mind that a poorly ventilated room or space can cause the appearance of diseases in your plants.

To achieve the right conditions in your plantation, you must have an intractor and an extractor fan, as these devices are part of the ventilation system growing.

Both the intractor and extractor are necessary because they are in charge of promoting fresh air to the growing and of evacuating the “hotter and more humid” air, which will help you to achieve an ideal humidity and temperature.

You see, indoors, since there are no natural air currents, you have to use extraction systems that renew it, formed precisely by extractors and contractors. These work in symbiosis with the fans.

Ideally, you keep in mind that the importance of extraction in marijuana growing lies not only in regulating the temperature of the cabinet but in the amount of CO2 that the plants can absorb from the environment.

That is, remember that if your grow room is closed and without air extraction and interaction, the plants would exhaust the CO2 in an instant and would end up drowning.

Likewise, a cabinet without air extraction makes the air stagnate, which can favor the appearance of fungus.

So to avoid problems in your marijuana plantation that you do not forget, you must renew the air of the growing, evacuating the hot and stale by an extractor, also, you must bring cold air through an air conditioner or an interaction of cold air from outside.

Finally, you must also create air currents in the growing using fans so that the environmental conditions where your girls grow are better balanced.


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