Why is it important to dry and cure marijuana?

Written by on 23 April, 2022

Drying and curing marijuana are two tasks that you have to do after you finish harvesting your cannabis buds, but why are these processes so important?

You see, drying and curing are important because they allow the bud to fully develop its potency and aroma.

These activities must be carried out properly, as performing a good drying and curing process on marijuana is a critical step for high-quality production.
Poor drying, for example, can ruin your buds. If they end up excessively dry it can cause them to lose terpenes, therefore, the aroma and flavor of your bud will change.

Drying and curing

Drying marijuana is not a complicated task. After harvesting your buds and manicuring them, you can hang your flowers in a dark room with good air circulation.

Drying marijuana usually takes at least 10 to 15 days. One way to know or check that the drying is ready and that your buds are ready for the curing process is by bending the stems, if you notice that they break cleanly instead of bending it means that this phase is already completed.

The curing instead consists of placing the dried buds in airtight jars and storing them for a certain period.
During the first weeks, some people advise opening the jars a few minutes a day to let the air renew. This process usually takes about 1 month. You will need to be patient.

Finally, you must make sure to store your jars in a dark and dry place, and you will soon be able to smoke your weed.


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