Why is it convenient to grow small marijuana plants at home?

Written by on 12 October, 2021

When growing our “Juanita” at home, space is usually limited, so growing a few small marijuana strains is always a good idea.

Keep in mind that not all cannagrowers are lucky enough to have a large yard or garden to grow huge marijuana plants, but chances are they do have a spare bedroom, a closet that they can use as a grow operation.

If you are one of those who have little space to grow your weed, do not be discouraged, the truth is that in small places, you can harvest first-class weed too.

Why is it convenient to grow small cannabis plants?

There are many reasons why growing small marijuana strains can be a great alternative. For example, it is ideal for those times when you want to grow your Mary Jane outdoors, either on the balcony or terrace of your house, in a discreet way.

We mentioned at the beginning if your growing space is scarce, it is best to opt for small plants. To do this, choose the most suitable cannabis strain; generally, pure indica varieties of autoflowering hybrids are recommended, as they do not usually exceed one meter in height.

If you choose to plant smaller strains, you will be able to apply the Sea of Green technique more successfully, as this method consists of planting many small cannabis plants, side by side, instead of a few large plants.

This method intends to fill the space you have available with as many pots as possible. In addition, this technique can maximize the efficiency of the light, you will be able to obtain abundant harvests in small spaces, and you will achieve it in less time.

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