Why growing your own marijuana is better than buying it?

Written by on 30 April, 2022

As you may know, one of the most common ways to acquire your favorite marijuana is to buy it in a dispensary, however, another very effective way to get it is to grow your own cannabis strains.

Well, with that last alternative we mentioned you can get many advantages, which is why, if you are still not very convinced, in this post we will tell you some reasons why you should choose to plant your Mary Jane instead of buying it.

1- You will always have your favorite cannabis at hand

When you go to buy cannabis you are somewhat limited to what is available at the dispensary, so you may not get that strain you love to vaporize.

Well, on the contrary, if you regularly plant your favorite strain when it comes time to harvest you will get enough of the weed you like to get high, therefore, you will always have it on hand.

2- You are assured of the quality of the buds

Being involved in the process of growing marijuana will allow you to be much more sure of the quality of the bud you are going to smoke because you will know everything that went into harvesting it.

By planting your cannabis you can make sure that your buds are grown without harmful chemicals, you can even grow it organically.

3- You learn more about weed

To grow your own cannabis, whether in your backyard or in a grow closet, you’ll need to research how to do it correctly, therefore, allowing you to learn all about your weed.

You see, by growing your Mary Jane you will learn about the phases that marijuana goes through, the ideal care, the different strains that exist, among others. Besides, it is a really pleasant activity.


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