Why grow marijuana outdoors directly in the ground?

Written by on 16 August, 2022

If you are one of the cannabis growers interested in growing marijuana outdoors, you must decide whether you’re going to plant your girls in pots or directly in the soil. The truth is that the latter alternative can offer you good advantages.

If you still don’t know the benefits of growing marijuana outdoors in soil, we will tell you about them here.

Why grow cannabis directly in the soil?

Growing marijuana outdoors in the soil provides fantastic results. In this type of planting, your flowers will have access to all the space, humidity, and nutrients. All will allow them to grow freely and develop their full potential for height, vigor, and final production.

Another advantage you can get by planting your Mary Jane directly in the soil is that this type of planting requires less growing material, as you will not have to invest in pots to house your flowers.

If you’re going to do guerrilla growing, planting marijuana in hidden places, away from your home, like forests, or less frequented outdoor sites. It can be beneficial to do it directly in the soil because by avoiding using containers, your plants will be integrated into the environment more effectively.


One of the disadvantages of growing marijuana outdoors directly on the soil is that you will not be able to move your girls in case of rain or strong winds as you would growing in pots. However, all is not lost because you can look for alternatives to protect them from the weather conditions.

When growing in soil, many flowers take advantage of the space available, and as a result, some plants can get out of control and grow too big; this can translate into large yields, which can be a problem for growers are looking for discretion.

Also, planting directly in the soil offers less control over soil quality.

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