Why every cannabis grower should try breeding

Written by on 14 April, 2022

Although cannabis breeding may seem like something that should be done in a lab, it is actually an activity that you can do on your plantation.

Yes, just as you are reading, you can create your own cannabis strains with the proportions of cannabinoids and terpenes that you prefer, but if this does not convince you, in this post we tell you the reasons why every cannabis grower should try cannabis breeding.

1-To discover something new

When the chromosomes of one cannabis plant are paired with another, the plant will evolve and create a new genetic lineage with the most desired traits of both parent strains.

Well, cannabis breeding is also about experimentation. By crossing your favorite strains, you could end up discovering a strain with traits you have never tried before. Through this process, you could gain new experiences with cannabis.

2- To test your skills as a cannabis grower

If you’ve been growing your own Mary Jane in your home garden or grow closet for a while now, it’s time for you to advance to the next level.

A good reason to get started in the world of marijuana breeding can be precisely to test your skills as a cannagrower by trying your hand at creating the cannabis strains you will be planting.

Regardless of whether you are an expert grower or a beginner, cannabis breeding can help you get better quality flowers.

3- To continue with diversity

Every smoker has different tastes and preferences; there are those who opt for strains with energizing and stimulating effects, while others seek to enjoy a relaxing high.

Genetic diversity is very important because it offers the consumer different options to choose from. Growers, for example, depending on the environment, may prefer to opt for heat- or cold-resistant strains. In short, by crossing different genes you will be contributing to broaden the genetic diversity of the species.

Final considerations

Nowadays many varieties have been crossed, which can combine the best of the Sativa and Indica world, so when looking for a strain to smoke there are many options to choose from.

Finally, as we mentioned, through breeding cannabis over time you will be able to develop a strain that suits your tastes, and find the ideal variety. It is also quite an fun hobby.


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