Why does the mulch fly appear in marijuana growing?

Written by on 15 March, 2022

Among one of the most common pests that often invade marijuana growing is the mulch fly. These small insects are usually a problem for soil-based cannabis growers.

The reason why this pest may appear in your plantation is mainly due to excess humidity and high temperatures in the growing. They are also attracted to decaying organic matter. This problem usually affects indoor growing.

Unlike other pests, mulch flies are not interested in the flowers or leaves of your weed, as they live in the substrate. The larvae of these flies feed on organic matter and usually damage the roots of cannabis plants. This can cause serious problems.

When the roots of your girls are damaged, the plants will show several symptoms, such as wilting, yellowing of leaves, loss of vigor, and spots.

Mulch fly can also cause stunted growth of your plants and low yields.

It is important to constantly monitor your planting so that you can detect this pest early.

One of the ways to prevent these uninvited guests from appearing in your growth is to plan your watering routine well. Allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings. Good ventilation is also ideal.

You can opt to buy sticky traps and place them around your plants. These traps will attract the mulch flies, and they will stick to them.

Neem oil can help control the infestation, some say it is also an excellent preventative measure. Spray the top layer of the substrate to kill the larvae.




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