Why do my marijuana plants produce small buds?

Written by on 8 November, 2022

The marijuana harvest giving small, light, fluffy, and not fully developed buds is one of the main concerns of any grower.

If your cannabis plants are forming these tiny buds, usually the size of popcorn. Commonly, you want to know why this is happening; what are the reasons for the appearance of these small flowers? Well, the reason why your marijuana plants produce this kind of buds can be several.

The main cause of small buds is stress. Any type of stress (be it environmental factors, improper care, and so on) can affect a plant’s ability to develop large, dense flowers.

Also, if your cannabis strains have not received much light during flowering, small buds with less psychoactivity are likely to appear. Commonly, these buds are found at the bottom of the plants.

On the other hand, high levels of heat and humidity can encourage plants to develop light, airy buds.

Keep in mind that marijuana plants should be well-fed, as over-or under-fertilization can affect a strain’s ability to develop large, dense, thick flowers.

When your plants are budding, for example, they need a little nitrogen and a lot of potassium and phosphorus.

Wrong watering, pests, diseases, or inadequate training can also encourage the appearance of small buds, also known as popcorn. To avoid this situation, you need to keep all these factors in mind and provide your plants with optimal conditions for healthy growth. Also, choose quality seeds that are genetically able to give you large buds.


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