Why are my marijuana plants dying?

Written by on 2 September, 2022

When you grow your own weed, you do everything you can to make sure your plants grow healthy. However, one day you notice that your girls are dead and you think what is happening?

Well, when you plant your Mary Jane either indoors or outdoors there are factors that can endanger your plantation and many problems that can occur.

Look at this post, we will tell you 3 of the most common causes that can end the life of your cannabis plants so you can be very attentive.

1- Fungus

There is a wide variety of fungus that can settle in your marijuana growing and spoil it, among the most common is the Fusarium.

This fungus lives in the substrate and can affect marijuana considerably, because it affects the root system and prevents the absorption of water and nutrients, therefore, it can cause the death of your weed.

To prevent the appearance of this fungus, it is always recommended to keep the growing area clean, use a quality substrate and avoid a humid and warm environment.

2- Excessive heat

Cannabis plants are generally resistant, however extreme heat is another factor that can end up greatly affecting the development of the plant in all stages of life or trigger the death of your girls.

To protect your plants from high temperatures, it is recommended to provide them with shade at certain times of the day if you grow outdoors.

On the other hand, if you notice that there are heat problems in your indoor cannabis growing, increase the air circulation in the area, having a good ventilation system will make a difference.

3- Watering cannabis plants inadequately

Good watering habits are crucial to maintaining the good health of your Mary.

In general, many cannabis growers, in their eagerness to give everything they need to their growing, end up sinning and exaggerating with the amount of water that their flowers require and end up damaging their garden, because the excess water will cause their roots to suffocate and die.




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