Which marijuana plant gives more production?

Written by on 12 April, 2022

Which marijuana plant gives more production? It’s a really interesting question and one that every Mary Jane grower would surely like to know.

Well, the truth is that it is not an easy question to answer. At the end of the day, the productivity of a cannabis flower does not only depend on the strain you choose, because a series of factors can also influence the final yield of a plant, some of these are:

1- The growing technique implemented

In order for plants to offer better yields, growers can always implement certain methods. For example, techniques such as SOG (Sea of Green), ScrOG (Screen of Green), Supercropping, among others, can help you get fantastic harvests.

2- The lighting used

When you grow your pot indoors, one element that cannot be missing is precisely the lighting. To get the maximum production possible, some growers recommend maximizing the intensity of light used.

Be sure to choose lamps that do not produce high heat emission, a good alternative is to choose LED lights.

3- A good substrate and container

One of the keys to a successful cannabis growing is to choose a quality substrate and the right container. If the roots are healthy and have enough space to develop, you will get plants of good size and great results.

Most productive varieties

Traditionally it is associated that indica strains provide a higher quantity harvest, however, everything may depend on the hybridization and, as we mentioned, on several factors and growing conditions of each flower.

Generally it is recommended to plant sativa flowers outdoors because they will have more space to develop and will give more production in height, while indoors the indicas are ideal because they are lower and you can take better advantage of the space.

Flowers such as Royal Moby, Purple Queen or Green Gelato, besides being powerful, can offer you great harvests. Opt for those strains that are famous for their high yields that will be the first step to get the most productive plant.



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