Which are the easiest cannabis plants to grow?

Written by on 20 December, 2020

If you are starting, your own cannabis growing you would most likely like to find a strain that gives you excellent yields without too much effort.

Well, you can get what you need if you choose the right cannabis plant. Remember that each marijuana strain has particular characteristics, so some flowers are easier to plant than others are.

Generally, characteristics like short periods of growth, easy handling or a great strength before attacks of plagues, are those that turn certain flowers of marijuana into great allies of the cannagrowers.

Stay with us and know which are the strains that you will facilitate the work and you offer exquisite buds.

Feminized Cannabis Strains

Feminized marijuana seeds generally offer you great ease of growing, because unlike regular seeds, you’ll know from the start how many female plants you’ll have, so you won’t have to identify and eliminate the males that could cause pollination. This saves time, space and money.

If you choose quality feminized cannabis seeds you won’t regret it – they can also reward you with a large yield and THC-charged buds.

Autoflowering Cannabis Strains

Autoflowering cannabis plants are one of the most acclaimed strains by both novice and expert growers, precisely because they are so easy to plant both indoors and outdoors.

These strains, thanks to their genetics, are resistant and tolerant to cold climates, and bloom quickly and automatically without the need to set up complex lighting systems.

If you have little space to place your girls, with the autoflowering plants, you will not have to worry; these flowers will be perfect for you because they do not tend to grow too much.

In addition, you can find in the market cannabis a great variety of flowers auto that can offer you great results and powerful buds.


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