Where to place outdoor marijuana pots?

Written by on 6 April, 2021

When starting your marijuana plantation outdoors, either in the garden or on the rooftop of your house, you must make sure to place your pots in the best place for your girls to grow as you wish, for this you need to take into account certain aspects.

Keep reading this post we will talk about 3 factors that you should consider when you get ready to place your marijuana containers outdoors.

1- The sun

As you know, outdoors the sun is the main source of light, a very important element for the development and growth of marijuana plants.

Thanks to the light provided by the sun, you can obtain great yields and higher productions. Therefore, it is necessary that the place where you are going to place your girls is the sunniest, without trees or walls that obstruct the lighting.

2- Access to water

It is recommended to place the cannabis pots in an area near a faucet to make it much more comfortable and easy access to water, another of the elementary factors for marijuana plants.

3- The wind

Before placing your pots in your terrace or garden, it is ideal that you take into account if it is usually whipped by strong winds, because although air circulation is necessary in your growing, if it is too intense it can end up breaking your flowers. To cushion the force of the wind you can see how to install a screen of reeds.


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