Where to grow marijuana outdoors?

Written by on 2 October, 2021

Choosing the place where you’re going to plant your marijuana flowers is one of the first decisions you have to make as a cannabis grower. If you prefer to grow outdoors, there are places you can choose to plant your weed.

The area you choose should have sufficient sun exposure, be isolated from animals or curious neighbors, if possible near a water source.

To help you decide where to grow your precious marijuana, here are some of the most common outdoor growing sites.

Areas near water

If where you live, you find a hidden spot near the water, such as a river or lake; this may be the ideal place to set up your growth.

Keep in mind that if you grow your cannabis near water, it might be easier for you when you have to water your flowers, but keep in mind that if the site is too close to the stream or river, the area could flood if it rains a lot.

In the garden or balcony of the house

Growing at home will always be an advantage because your girls will be closer to you. If you have a garden to set up your plantation, you will be lucky, you will be able to water your plants properly, and it will even be easier to keep curious neighbors away.

Likewise, in your garden, you can also grow other species of plants such as basil or mint that will help you protect your cannabis from pests, but if instead of a garden you have a balcony, don’t worry; you can also use it.

When growing on a balcony, you will have to use pots, sure that the ones you choose have drainage holes and a plate to collect excess water.

In a cornfield

If you have a cornfield or other large volume growing, you can also plant your mote there. It’s an ideal alternative if you prefer to keep your flowers hidden.

If you plant in a cornfield or other growing area, be sure to have your cannabis in the sunniest part of the field.



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