Where to grow marijuana at home?

Written by on 23 March, 2022

If you dare to grow your marijuana plants at home, you probably have doubts about which the best place to do it. If you do not have a long space for it, do not give up the idea of setting up your plantation. Luckily, there are other places where cannabis can grow right.

Review with us some of the most common spaces to grow marijuana at home.

1- Empty rooms

If growing marijuana outdoors is not an option for you, think of a place inside the house where you could place your pots. An empty room can be ideal to adapt and create a space or grow room.

Make sure you install the right equipment and provide optimal conditions for your plants to grow.

Indoors, remember not to place lamps too close to your plants to avoid light burns. Ensure good air circulation and maintain order.

2- Window sill

Marijuana can be grown on a windowsill perfectly. Just make sure to place your pots on the window that receives the most sunlight. Opt for cannabis strains that don’t grow too much and choose the correct pot, a 2 liter one, for example, can be very useful.

3- Balcony

No garden or extra space inside the house to plant your Mary Jane? Well, then maybe it is time to set up the balcony of your home to grow your beautiful strains.

Ideally, grow your mary jane flowers in a part of the balcony where they have enough access to natural light, but avoid having any street lamps or outside light interrupting your girls’ cycles of darkness.

4- Yard

Yards or gardens are a great place to start growing your favorite Mary Jane. Like all outdoor growing, it’s a more cost-effective option than growing indoors because you won’t have to invest in expensive equipment, such as fans or lamps.

Make sure you have healthy soil, the necessary water to watering your plants, among others.

To protect your flowers from pests, consider the association of growing. Place other species of plants that will help repel these intruders. Some examples of favorable growing are lavender, cilantro, basil, and mint.


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