Where should the carbon filter be placed in the grow room?

Written by on 11 December, 2021

Growing marijuana at home can be a very smelly activity. While we all love the peculiar fragrance of our Mary Jane, that factor can give the grow away.

If you want to maintain the privacy of your plantation there is an alternative that can be very effective in eliminating the intense smell of marijuana. That’s right, we’re talking about using carbon filters, but what exactly are they?

A carbon filter is basically a giant tube filled with activated carbon, which is attached to the extraction system. When air passes through this tube, the carbon neutralizes any smell that are present (including the aromatic compounds that emanate from the cannabis buds) expelling only clean air.

Carbon filters work in rooms, greenhouses and grow rooms. Nowadays they are an indispensable element when starting a marijuana plantation at home.

Where is the carbon filter placed in the grow room?

Carbon filters are usually placed inside the grow room or closet, just below the ceiling. Be sure to place them properly, attach them to the exhaust fan, and have a space for the stale air to escape.

Carbon filters are completely efficient and can work for a long time. Just keep in mind that if the smell of aromatic terpenes suddenly increases outside the grow tent, this will indicate that it is time to change the filter. Also take into account the manufacturer’s filter life.

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