When to water your marijuana seedlings?

Written by on 29 October, 2022

To grow your Mary Jane without problems, it is essential that you pay attention to each of the stages through which your girls will pass, especially the earliest stages, such as the seedling stage.

As you know, the seedling period begins (after germination) when the first pair of leaves, the cotyledons, emerge. And it usually lasts between two to three weeks.

Well, it is important to keep in mind that any mistake you make at this stage can affect your weed for the rest of its life, so you must take proper care of them.

As the seedlings are small, in the case of watering, it is normal that many cannabis growers wonder when they should do it, if you also have that doubt, do not worry, here we clarify it for you.

Watering cannabis seedlings

Be careful not to overwater your marijuana at this stage to avoid overwatering, if this happens, your girls can be very damaged. However, you should also not let your seedlings dry out completely.

Generally, overwatering problems do not occur from watering too much at one time, but from watering too often.

There is no universal criterion for how to water seedlings, but to determine when is the best time to water those little girls some growers recommend going by the weight of the pot, if the pot has lost about two-thirds of its weight it is time to water your seedlings well.

If you prefer not to be guided by the weight of the container you can choose to use a sprayer to provide water to your flowers every few days.

Other growers recommend sticking your finger in the soil about 2.5 cm deep to check the moisture level of the substrate, and watering only when the soil is dry. Finally, make sure the pots have drainage holes.

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