When to use the blue light and the red light in the cannabis growing?

Written by on 15 October, 2022

Unlike indoor growing, cannabis grown in nature has the opportunity to enjoy the best source of light available – sunlight.

In indoor your plants depend entirely on the elements you provide them, and among them is the lighting, which is crucial for the proper development of cannabis.

In this sense, it is essential to have a good lighting kit that gives a full spectrum and provides all the necessary colors for the plant.

Each color of light causes different responses in the development of plants, but specifically we will talk about the blue and red light.

Vegetative stage

During the vegetative stage it is recommended to use blue light (generally around 400-500nm), as this helps plants develop healthy leaves and strong, thick stems.

Blue light imitates sunlight during the spring and summer months.

Flowering period

During the flowering, the needs of the marijuana change. In this phase, the use of the red light is advised (generally between 620 and 780nm, ideal 660 nm).  These lights are used so that the cannabis enters in bloom. The red light helps the plants to develop healthy heads and to imitate better the sun of winter and autumn.

Final considerations

It is important to note that a marijuana plant should not be exposed exclusively to blue and red lights. The marijuana is able to use several parts of the spectrum, and needs the complete spectrum to prosper. The blue and red ones must be more powerful only during different stages from the life cycle.

In the cannabis market, they demand many types of lights, therefore you must look for those that are adapted for the type of growing that you are going to make.

Finally, if you want to have a magnificent harvest, take into account that besides guaranteeing the light to your cannabis, this must be complemented with other aspects like the watering and the correct nutrition, among others.

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