When to plant marijuana? 

Written by on 15 November, 2022

When to plant marijuana, without a doubt, is one of the most common questions that novice marijuana growers think about. And the truth is that it is normal for them to have this concern.

Growing marijuana at the right time, especially outdoors, can make a difference in your plantation because within cannabis cultivation several factors can interfere with the proper growth of your strains.

When to grow marijuana outdoors? 

Outdoors, it is important to keep in mind that depending on the climate of the area where you live, you can choose the most appropriate time to grow your marijuana plants. Remember that outdoors your plants grow at the mercy of nature.

Also to determine the most appropriate time to start with your outdoor plantation, it is ideal to know well the characteristics of the photoperiodic variety you chose, take into account that each strain is different, so the flowering time is not the same.

Normally the outdoor cannabis growing starts in spring when the hours of light begin to increase and it is not so cold at night until the arrival of the summer solstice when the hours of light begin to decrease and the plants start flowering.

When to grow marijuana indoors? 

Growing cannabis in a grow room is a great alternative if you do not have a garden or outdoor space. In addition, with this growing alternative as such, you do not have to worry about the seasons of the year to start planting.

You see, by growing indoors you can control all the environmental factors and recreate the right environment for a healthy and productive harvest.

Indoors you can plant your pot whenever you want, but do not forget to ensure factors such as lighting, ventilation, irrigation, fertilization, among others, so that your pot grows successfully.

Best time of day to cut your buds

Once you grow your cannabis plants, whether indoors or outdoors, it is ideal to cut your buds at the most suitable time.

Some people consider that the best time to harvest the fruits of marijuana is early in the morning, when growing outdoors, or when the lights or lamps have just been turned on if you are growing indoors.

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