When to move your cannabis growing from the vegetative to the flowering phase

Written by on 17 November, 2022

As you know, outdoors cannabis plants go from the vegetative phase to flowering on their own. However, in indoor growing the situation is very different because here you have to help them in this process.

Yes, indoors, photoperiodic marijuana strains depend on you changing the light cycle to start flowering, but when is the right time to do it? Well, there are a series of factors that you should take into account, keep reading this post and learn more details.

What factors should you consider to move to the next phase?

1- Age of the plant

When you grow your flowers from seeds, they will need to mature sexually before starting their flowering cycle, usually five to six weeks after they are germinated. The telltale sign that your girls have reached sexual maturity is when the pre-flower appears.

If you set your plants to flower before they are sexually, mature they will most likely become stressed and instead of starting to flower, they will continue to grow to maturity. However, if you grow from cuttings, there is no need to wait, because even if they are small plants, they are already sexually mature.

2- Height of your cannabis flowers

Cannabis plants during the vegetative phase grow until they reach their maximum potential height, therefore, it is ideal that you find out the maximum height of the strain you are growing (as each variety is different) and make the change before it gets too high.

3- Robust root system

In the growth stage, in addition to developing leaves and acquiring a certain height, if your girls receive the best growing conditions they will also develop a strong root system.

It is essential not to rush flowering prematurely as your plants will focus their energy on flower production instead of root development. If your plants do not develop healthy roots, the productive potential could be affected.

The best estimation to know when the ideal time to make the phase change is to be guided by the average time that the vegetative phase of your strain lasts.

How to move from vegetative to flowering phase

To move cannabis plants from the vegetative phase to flowering indoors, you need to reduce the hours of light your girls receive.

Generally, during the growth phase cannabis strains maintain an 18/6 cycle (18 hours of light and 6 hours with the lights off). To start flowering your plants will need 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness.

Final considerations

Unlike photoperiodic strains, autoflowering strains do not need changes in the light cycle to start flowering as they do it automatically according to their age.


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