When to defoliate marijuana plants?

Written by on 7 January, 2022

Trying new growing techniques in your marijuana plantation will always be a good idea if you are looking to improve results; of course, you must know the method you’re going to implement to avoid making mistakes.

The technique that attracts the attention of many cannabis growers is the defoliation of cannabis because it allows increasing yields.

Are you interested in applying this method in your growth? If the answer is yes, it is ideal you know when it is best to put it into practice.

When to perform defoliation?

Cannabis defoliation consists of removing or eliminating the leaves of marijuana plants in a voluntary and controlled manner. It is a growing technique that aims to improve aeration, light penetration, or increase the production of buds.

As you may have noticed, defoliation can offer you a series of advantages, but carrying it out entails certain risks; for this reason, applying it at the right moment can make the difference.

This technique can be done, both in the vegetative growth phase and in flowering, but if you are going to do it in the latter stage, it is recommended not to apply it when the process is very advanced.

The fan leaves that produce shade should be eliminated. Try not to overdo it. It is advisable not to cut more than 10 or 20% of the leaves of the plant.


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