When should I apply apical pruning in my cannabis growing?

Written by on 9 November, 2022

There are pruning techniques that you can apply in your marijuana growing, apical pruning is one of the most known and used by cannabis growers, both indoors and outdoors.

Applicant pruning, also known as a topping, basically consists of pruning the tip of the main stem of the cannabis plant. The top of the plant is cut off to stimulate lateral growth.

This type of pruning can offer you many advantages in your plantation, for example, it can help you to increase the production of your growing.

Also, if you do apical pruning correctly, you can control the vertical growth of your marijuana plants.

When to apply this technique?

To perform this technique successfully you must implement it at the right time. It is generally recommended to perform apical pruning in the vegetative stage. You should wait until your plants have at least 3 developed nodes.

If you perform this technique during the seedling stage you may run the risk of killing the plants or stunting their growth. Also, if you prune your precious girls during the flowering stage you could cause damage to your vines.

On the other hand, some people advise waiting 1 to 2 weeks before topping the new shoots. Your girls will need that time to recover from the stress caused by this technique.

It is very important that when you perform the apical pruning you do it with precision and the cuts are completely clean, otherwise, you could end up damaging the stem of your marijuana plants. We recommend that you use the sharpest scissors you can find.

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