When should FIM pruning be applied in cannabis growing?

Written by on 20 September, 2022

In the world of marijuana growing, fortunately, there are many techniques that can help you to improve the production in your marijuana plantation, and one of them is precisely the FIM pruning.

As you may know, FIM pruning also known as Fimming is a pruning method used to increase marijuana yields. This technique is similar to topping, but instead of pruning or suppressing the entire apical, only a part of the apical bud is removed.

This method is also intended to prevent your flowers from getting too long and encourages horizontal flower growth.

Well, before you start pruning your Mary Jane, it is important that you know when is the ideal time to do it to avoid making mistakes, so keep reading this post.

When should it be applied?

This procedure should be done when your plants are in the vegetative stage. You will see that if you do it in the flowering stage it will affect bud production, and of course nobody wants that.

Also, avoid doing it a week before flowering starts as your girls may not have enough time to recover.

Some growers recommend waiting until the plant has developed between 3 to 5 nodes before doing Fimming.

When performing this technique you must cut with precision and firmness, remember to use sharp and slender scissors. Cut about 75% of the tip of the main shoot. In a few days you will see how the pruned area will gather a large number of branches that will begin to grow at a uniform rate.

Final considerations

This method is also ideal for indoor growing with limited space as it allows you to obtain lower and more compact plants, it is also perfect for those outdoor growing when you want your girls to go unnoticed.






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