When and what are tutors used for in marijuana growing?

Written by on 26 November, 2022

Ensuring the proper development of your marijuana plants is one of the main goals you should set yourself as a cannabis grower. To achieve this, in addition to providing the right conditions for them to grow healthy, it is ideal to use techniques to protect your growth, such as, for example, installing tutors.

Tutors are an ideal tool to support your marijuana plants and help them grow more vigorously. They are excellent to avoid branches from bending or breaking under the weight of the marijuana flowers due to strong winds or frequent rains.

As you may be realizing, the application of these tools can offer many advantages; one of the most attractive for growers is that installing tutors in the growing area favors an increase in the production of buds, fantastic!

If you want more and better cannabis, you cannot fail to apply this method to your weed plantation because it will be of great help.

When should the tutors be installed?

Tutors a plant is a simple process that does not require much experience; however, you must be careful when carrying it out.

Tutors are usually used at the beginning of flowering, although if the plant or the location warrants it, they can also be placed from the vegetative stage. Likewise, this technique is ideal for both indoor and outdoor growing.


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