What you need to know to apply the lollipopping technique to your marijuana plantation

Written by on 5 July, 2021

Lollipopping is a growing technique that consists of cutting the lower areas of the plant that receive little or no light, which allows increasing the harvests.

This method owes its name to the shape that the plants acquire once they have been pruned, as they adopt an aspect similar to a lollipop, which in English is the lollipop. Sure, you have any doubts about this technique that is we prepared a guide of some points you should know.

1- Differences with defoliation

Many tend to confuse the lollipopping technique with defoliation, but they are not the same. While both involve the removal of leaves, lollipopping focuses on the lower part of a plant, on cutting those areas that receive little light.

This method allows the flowers to concentrate their energy on developing larger, more voluminous buds at the top, where they receive more light.

On the other hand, defoliation is intended to improve aeration and light penetration to all parts of the plant. Instead of giving exclusive preference to the buds at the top, defoliation seeks to redirect the plant’s energy to the production of buds in general.

In addition, defoliation aims to eliminate the largest leaves. In this case, the fan leaves that produce shade are the ones to be removed but do not overdo it.

2- Avoid applying this technique to auto strains

When you are going to grow your weed, you must be clear about the genetics of the variety you are planting, because not all cannabis strains get along well with this technique, for example, in the case of autoflowering strain.

3- Ideal for indoor

It is an ideal technique for indoor growing. Some consider that putting it into practice in outdoor plantations is risky and can be counterproductive because it weakens the plants.

4- When to apply this method?

There are different opinions on this point. Some growers recommend that it be done before the flowering stage so that the flowers have enough time to recover from the stress caused by this technique. However, others advise carrying it out in the second or third week of the flowering stage.

5- How to apply the lollipopping technique?

To begin with, you will need a pair of sharp and clean pruning shears; although it can also be done by hand, you must be very careful when applying this method. You must know where you are going to cut.

It is recommended to get rid of the lower third of the plant. You can even cut one more area, but it is advisable not to remove more than 50% of the plant.

Pay close attention to where your flowers receive light; this will help you decide or analyze the areas to cut and not cut.

Lollipopping involves reducing the foliage so that the marijuana plant concentrates its energy in fewer places; it may seem counterproductive, if done right, it can give you good results.




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