What type of pot to use to grow marijuana outdoors, white or black?

Written by on 23 November, 2022

Planting marijuana in pots is one of the most used options by cannabis growers; the truth, this is an alternative that can offer you many advantages.

When starting to grow cannabis in outdoor pots, many beginner growers have doubts about choosing white or black spots. If this is your case, then keep reading this article because in this post we will discuss when it is more advisable to use one or the other.

Black or white pots

To determine which pot color is more suitable for your growing, keep in mind that according to the color of the pot, the reflection of light will be different and so will be the temperature of the pot.

The black pots do not bounce the light but absorb it. That is to say, they absorb the energy and transform it into heat that is why they tend to heat up more.

These pots are especially recommended when growing outdoors in winter because they will raise the temperature of the substrate and the roots a little. Your plants will better withstand cold temperatures and will feed better.

On the other hand, white pots bounce light instead of absorbing it and therefore heat up less. These containers are specially designed for outdoor growing during the hottest months.

The white color reflects the light so that the root system does not heat up as much. The substrate and roots will be cooler.



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