What type of lights are recommended for the seedling stage of marijuana?

Written by on 31 March, 2022

Taking care of every detail during the first stages of growing your weed is crucial. For example, the seedling stage deserves special attention because your girls are very small and fragile. Ideally, you should interpret their needs.

In the case of lighting, if grown indoors, the cannabis grower is responsible for ensuring that this factor is not lacking and that it is adequate. Therefore, before starting your plantation, you must acquire the lamps or bulbs required for your seedlings.

Keep in mind that not all lights are suitable for cannabis seedlings, as they are sensitive to light, so they can suffer burns under HID or LED bulbs that are too powerful.

Likewise, if they don’t get enough light because the lamps are too far away, your seedlings will end up stretching as they try to get closer to the light source. The result will be seedlings with long, weak stems.

What type of lighting should you use at this stage? Well, for best results it is recommended to grow seedlings under CFL bulbs, with bluish light spectrum. These lamps are usually energy efficient and do not emit as much heat.

As for the best light cycle for your seedlings, you can opt for the usual one used in the vegetative stage which is 18/6, i.e. 18 hours of light per day, with a period of 6 hours of darkness.




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