What to do when we overdo it with nutrients in our cannabis growing?

Written by on 7 September, 2022

Marijuana is a plant that needs various nutrients to grow properly; therefore, every Mary Jane grower must provide them at certain times.

It is uncommon that more than one has overdone with the fertilizers applied to his pot thinking that this will develop greater productivity, on the contrary, when we overdo it with nutrients the plants can be affected.

How to find out?

As we mentioned, an over-fertilization can cause unfortunate consequences for marijuana plants. If you survive and do not solve this problem, you will end up with buds that are almost impossible to consume.

You will realize that something is wrong with your growing when you notice irregular changes in the leaves of your plants such as burns; tips bent downwards, color changes, among others.

What to do in case of overfertilization?

If you notice that your plants have a slight excess of nutrients, it is recommended to reduce the doses of fertilizer or to space out the application of nutrients. As your plants recover, you can increase the doses of fertilizers.

If the overfertilization is severe, it is best to stop using fertilizers for a moment and apply irrigation with water only. When your plant starts to demand food, again you can add it little by little.

If the situation is more serious than you thought, the best thing to do is to apply a root wash to eliminate the nutrients in the substrate. This procedure is very simple; just use three times as much water as the capacity of the pot. For example, if the pot is 20 liters, we will have to use 60 liters of water for the washing. When it is time to reapply nutrients, remember to start with small doses and increase them progressively.



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