What to do if your cannabis plants do not flower?

Written by on 12 June, 2022

When you grow your own cannabis, you must follow each step properly to ensure a successful harvest. However, any problem can occur, one of them is that your strains do not flower.

If your marijuana plants do not go through the flowering stage, they will not be able to produce buds. However, don’t worry, there are ways to solve it.

Stay with us and learn about some factors that can cause your marijuana plants not to reach the flowering stage and take note of some tips to solve this problem.

Check your lights

When you grow your cannabis indoors, one of the main reasons why cannabis strains do not flower is because they are not receiving adequate lighting.

Adjust your growing conditions to ensure that the type of light and the hours of exposure are correct.

A cold light spectrum is recommended for the vegetative stage, while a warm light spectrum is recommended for flowering.

When the plants have reached a considerable size, you can force the flowering of your strains by exposing them to 12 hours of light of warm spectrum and 12 hours of total darkness.

Make sure that the cycle of darkness is correctly fulfilled

Fulfilling the cycle of darkness is important. Make sure that your indoor growing does not have any light leaks; otherwise, your plants can be stressed and prevented from flowering.

Also, make sure that the lights are switched on and off at the same time every day, because by doing so at different times you risk interrupting the flowering.

Are you sure these are female plants?

Although it seems an absurd question, it is important that you are sure of the sex of the variety that you are growing. Remember that male plants never flower, because they produce sacks of pollen.

Check your growing and make sure there are no male strains. You can avoid this problem if you buy feminized seeds from a reliable distributor.

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