What to consider when growing marijuana on your balcony

Written by on 20 March, 2022

No garden or extra space at home to grow your Mary Jane? Don’t worry, luckily marijuana can also be grown on the balcony.

Yes, it is, get out your tools and get to work, there is no excuse not to live the experience of growing your own weed.

Stay with us, we will tell you some aspects that you should take into account to plant your cannabis in the balcony of your home.

Start your plantation in spring

The ideal time of the year to start planting your marijuana is in spring. Therefore, when you decide to grow your plants schedule that time. If you start in the spring, your strains will have a better chance of growing and developing during the warmer months.

Check the light source

Ideally, plant your pot flowers in a part of the balcony where they have sufficient access to natural light. Well, to choose the right place you should pay attention to the amount of light your plants will receive in each space of your balcony. Look for the sunniest spot to place your Mary Jane.

Photoperiodic varieties require a lot of light to develop and total darkness at night, if there is a light bulb on during this last period of the day, you should look for an alternative to avoid it.

Choose a quality soil

When growing on a balcony you will need to grow in pots, so it is important that, to ensure that your strains are well fed and cared for, you choose a high quality soil.

Some growers recommend an organic growing medium with good drainage and air circulation.

Take the time to care for your plants

If you want to get great yields from your plantation, it is not enough to just plant your cannabis flowers and wait for nature to do its job, it is also important that you are willing to take care of them constantly.

Protect your girls when necessary, for example from strong winds that could break the stems of your plants. In hot weather, be aware of how thirsty they may be and water them.

Prevent the appearance of pests

Like any cannabis growing you are not exempt from being invaded by pests. It is better to be safe than sorry, one way to do this is to grow other types of plants such as basil, petunias or garlic near your marijuana, which will act as insect repellents, a wonder!



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