What size pot should I use for my autoflowering cannabis plants?

Written by on 26 April, 2022

If you decide to grow your own pot, a very good alternative to start with is to choose autoflowering marijuana seeds. As you may know, these plants are easy to grow, they grow fast, and they flower regardless of the photoperiod.

Well, to grow your auto strains, as with photoperiod flowers, choosing the right pot size is essential to ensure the success of your harvest.

Keep reading this post, we will tell you what size pot you should choose to plant your auto seeds.

Ideal pot sizes for growing autoflowering cannabis

Generally, most cannagrowers when planting autoflowering seeds recommend doing it in the final pot instead of transplanting, as this activity is a factor that can cause stress. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right pot from the beginning.

To choose the right pot size there are certain factors that can influence, for example, the space you have and the number of plants you are going to grow.

As a general advice some growers recommend to use in a grow tent of 1 m2, 7 to 11 L containers. While outdoors, they advise to use large pots of approximately 15 or 25 liters.








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