What should you avoid during the flowering stage?

Written by on 2 March, 2021

When your cannabis flowers reach, the flowering stage is the time when you will start to see those sweet and resinous buds you crave so much.

Well, to get what you want so much, it is ideal that you avoid making certain mistakes in this last stage of your Mary Jane’s life cycle.

Look at this post and find out what you should avoid during the flowering phase of your cannabis.

1- Transplanting or pruning

When your cannabis flowers are in the flowering phase, it is not advisable to do any transplanting or pruning, because your flowers could be stressed, which can cause consequently that your strains paralyze their development and flowering, which in the end could harm the final production.

2- Avoid light pollution

To achieve a successful flowering your cannabis plants need approximately 12 hours of total darkness, so during this phase you must ensure that there are no interruptions.

When you grow outdoors, streetlights can interfere with the darkness cycles of your plantation, therefore, you must implement certain measures to avoid it.

3- Excessive fertilization

This point is quite important, not by fertilizing, more the buds will be bigger, on the contrary, instead of benefiting your girls you can provoke an over-fertilization.

If you apply, the right doses of fertilizers during the flowering stage you can guarantee that your growing will remain healthy.


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