What lighting system should I use to root my cuttings?

Written by on 22 May, 2022

Marijuana is a plant that, like many others, needs light to develop without problems; therefore, when you start planning your grow this factor cannot be missing.

If you are going to grow indoors, you will have to use lamps or bulbs to ensure the lighting in each of the stages of growth of your plants.

If you decide to grow your cannabis from cuttings, what is the lighting system used to root the clones? In this article, we will tell you which is the most recommended.

Ideal lighting

Generally, during the first stages of the life of the plants, they need less light power; therefore, the recommended lighting system is fluorescent tubes or CFL (Compact fluorescent light).

These bulbs are ideal for rooting your cuttings. They usually have a blue light spectrum and are energy efficient generally do not emit as much heat.

Also, as for the best light cycle for your cuttings, you can opt for the usual one used in the growth or vegetative stage that is 18/6, 18 hours of light per day, with a period of around 6 hours of darkness.


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