What is vertical marijuana growing?

Written by on 31 July, 2022

Outdoor growing generally allows cannabis growers enough space to grow their marijuana without those limitations, unlike indoor growing, which tends to be small areas that do not allow enough plants to be grown.

In relation to it, the cannagrower have been in the necessity to improve their techniques of growing in interiors and to be ingenious to optimize their production. In this sense, you have heard of vertical growing, if not, here we tell you.

Vertical marijuana growing

Vertical growing is quite an innovative idea. As its name indicates it, this is a growing carried out in a vertical way, in which, the plants of cannabis are placed one above the other, starting from structures which have different levels. There generally the lighting is placed in the center.

The plants can be placed in special shelves, on the wall and even this method can be carried out in hydroponic systems, among others. Cannabis when organized correctly can give excellent harvests.

Many growers also choose to mix horizontal and vertical growing techniques to make even more use of space.

Greater production

This method offers several benefits and space saving is one of them, aspects that translate into a higher production because, when casting vertically, in smaller areas you can place more plants.

With vertical growing, the grower, besides saving space and improving the productivity of the growing, will also be able to reduce energy consumption, among others.

Final considerations

Before applying a vertical growing, make sure you study every detail and master it. Take into account the characteristics of your growing and try to choose a room or space with high ceilings.

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