What is the use of reflectors in marijuana growing?

Written by on 14 September, 2021

When growing marijuana indoors, the cannabis grower usually acquires a series of equipment and tools to guarantee the best conditions for his plants.

The reflectors are usually one of the three main components of the lighting system, together with the bulb and the ballast.

Many novice growers still do not know what the reflectors are for, that is why here we are going to review what their function is.

In indoor, you must use lamps to illuminate your marijuana plants. They send beams of light in all directions, so an important part of their energy is lost. The reflectors allow you to make the most of all the light.

Reflectors serve to redirect those wasted light beams back to the plants, increasing the coverage and intensity of the lights. This can result in better yields without wasting light.

Also, the reflector generally serves the function of supporting the lamp and preventing it from hanging in any position.

There are many different reflectors, so you can get several options on the market, you should try to choose those that fit the space available, and that do not generate hot spots under them, where plants could burn.

Choose the correct reflector for your type of growing, also make sure that the light emitted is evenly distributed, to avoid illuminating one area of the growing more than another grows.


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