What is the purpose of lollipopping in marijuana growing?

Written by on 26 July, 2022

Every experienced marijuana grower strives to increase the yields of his harvest, which is why it is uncommon to implement various training or pruning techniques to achieve better results.

The lollipopping technique, for example, is one of those methods we are talking about, but what is it specifically for, and what advantages can it offer you in your plantation? Well, keep reading this post and find out.

Lollipopping in marijuana growing

The lollipopping technique is not as complicated as it seems, even any grower can apply it without any inconvenience.

Lollipopping consists of cutting the lower areas of the plant that receive little or no light. This method allows the plant’s energy to concentrate on producing bigger and more voluminous flowers or buds in the upper part, the area that receives better lighting.

As we mentioned, this technique also works to increase yields considerably, and the best thing is that you will be able to obtain very good quality buds.

Also, by eliminating the areas that do not receive direct light, you stimulate better air circulation, which translates into less humidity. This will allow you to reduce the chances of mold or pests appearing.

This is a technique that if done correctly can offer you very good results, just make sure to apply it to compatible marijuana strains, as you should avoid doing it with autoflowering strains.

When you are going to start doing this method remember to use a well-sharpened and clean pruning shears.



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