What is the most favorable temperature level for the flowering stage?

Written by on 4 December, 2021

When growing marijuana indoors, you must create the ideal environment for your marijuana plants to grow healthy.

In addition to paying attention to aspects such as lighting, watering, and fertilization, you must keep the temperature of the grow room under control. Keep in mind that if this last factor is the right one, the quality of the harvest can improve.

If the temperature of the crop is not correct, it can cause problems in your plantation, for example, your plants will grow more slowly and will have a lower yield.

You must know what are the optimal temperatures for each phase of indoor marijuana growing. In this article, we will focus on the ideal temperature for the flowering stage.

Cannabis flowering

After your plants go through the vegetative stage, the next phase is flowering, at which time the marijuana strains will start producing buds.

During flowering avoid high temperatures, ideally 20 to 26 °C (with the lights on).

Some people recommend that 1 or 2 weeks before harvest the temperature with lights on should be 18-24°C (with lights off 5-10°C less).

You must be very attentive that the temperature of the crop is kept within the necessary limits. We recommend you buy a thermometer, this instrument will help you to know at all times the temperature of the grow room.

When you need to lower the temperature you can choose to use air conditioners, while to raise it in a controlled way you can choose to use heaters.


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