What is the Low Stress Training (LST) technique?

Written by on 16 November, 2022

When you decide to grow your own mota surely, like many cannabis growers, one of your main objectives is to get abundant harvests, right?

Well, to achieve your goals, besides offering your plants the best growing conditions, you can apply certain techniques like low stress training or LST.

Well without further ado, in this post we will talk to you about this method, ideal to obtain great yields in your plantation. Read on…

What is Low Stress Training (LST)?

As we mentioned, this technique is a great way to increase the amount of buds and control the height of the plants.

Low Stress Training or LST consists of bending and tying the stems and branches with a rope so that the plants grow in a certain way and thus can take better advantage of the available light.

This technique will cause your flowers to grow sideways instead of upwards, allowing the lower buds to receive much more light.

As the name suggests, this method of growing is much gentler than other training techniques, so it reduces the risk of over-stressing the plants.

Final considerations

Applying this method is not so complicated; however, it is advisable to make sure you do it at the right time.

Keep in mind that the plants you are going to train are not too old, because the older flowers tend to have less flexible branches, so they are more susceptible to break.

In addition, when you train your girls, it is recommended that you tie them up with a special plant rope or string, to avoid causing them harm. Also, make sure the knot is not too tight.




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